Image Editor

Update January 14, 2013: This program has been discontinued. It has some useful features but there are a bunch of problems with usability that are just make it kind of a pain to use. Also the engine is entirely XNA-based and I've only been working with OpenGL for the past year, so none of the XNA stuff has been getting updated. I'll keep it available for downloading, but just note that it's not going to be updated beyond where it is now.

Image editor screen shot
Last Update:
  • March 11, 2011

Evan's Image Editor (EIE) is a free image editor that allows for the editing and creation of animated or still images. It contains several GPU-powered image modifiers that take advantage of modern graphics hardware, giving you an instant preview of the effect while you adjust parameters. It also has a non-binary selection system, allowing you to "partially select" pixels and apply drawing tool and modification actions that perform weighted averages based on the selection value.

  • Can work in layers mode or frames mode (use the pulldown at the top of the side panel to switch between the two)
  • Non-binary selection system which allows you to soften the edges of your selected pixel region(s)
  • Animated GIF read and write support
  • Animated cursor read and write support
  • Icon and cursor read and write support - icon and cursor files can be created with multiple images of multiple resolutions
  • Can load frames from movie files